"I'm not going to lie, it's going to be sad."

Dee Brown, his last home press conference, quotes from Brown make you really appreciate what this kid has done for the University of Illinois.

-It's going to be sad and tough no lie, I mean coming down here I had a lot of great memories and it's been fun playing with James Augustine. We still have some games left so it's not like it's over.

-This year was a good year, I mean we're 22-5. I can't complain about that, like I said earlier there's a lot of season left.

-I've had a lot of fun down here, my role is to make sure I can help the young guys out. I know what it was like for me when I first got here.

-People have talked to me about retiring the #11. I mean I don't think that will happen, there have been a lot of great players to come through here and I'm just honored to have my name even mentioned with those guys.

-I can never turn down an autograph, I mean when I was 16 years old I really didn't think I could play Division I basketball. I mean when people ask me to sign something I'm going to do it. The headbands, I really don't know how many of those I've passed out along the way.

-My mom and I are very close she's a big part of my life, staying in college and getting my degree is very important to me and to her.

-When I get the chance I talk to Luther and Deron, those are my brothers. I don't bother them too much right now because of their hectic schedules but we talk at least once a week.

-Coach Weber's stories, man there are some funny one's, he's a good guy with good character, I could say some things but we would have to write a book.

-Coming back to Illinois, I've never really been injured so I really didn't have a choice but to come back. I don't regret it for a minute; I just like to play basketball. Also college is a lot different than high school. In college if you have weaknesses other teams can find them, so that part of my game I've improved on so much. When I first came here there was some things I needed to work on.

Dee Brown, this will be your last game in Assembly Hall; I didn't think anyone could ever replace former Illini great Kenny Battle. But you've done more than that. Everyone in the country knows Dee Brown. People wear the headbands and the high socks because of you. You started the idea of pulling your jersey so people would see "Illinois," the nickname "One man fast break," and my favorite, the peace sign you held up after you score on a fast break. Dee you put the life back into Illinois basketball and for that we can't thank you enough.

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