Freeman Gets Offer from Illinois

Leon Freeman is a four-star recruit by from Belleville, Michigan who has narrowed his list to just two schools. Read here for details.

For the class of 2006, it appears that Head Coach Bruce Weber is not done quite yet. Just recently he put an offer on the table to 6'4" guard Leon Freeman. Speaking with Loretta Freeman, she knew there was an offer put on the table. She really felt that her son was going to take it, but wasn't sure.

Freeman is a legitimate candidate for the Mr. Basketball Award this year in Michigan. He would be a big "get" for Weber and staff if they can pull this one out.

Leonard Freeman, the brother of Leon, said, "I know Leon likes Illinois a lot. Right now it's down to two schools: Illinois and Michigan State. He's never been to Illinois but I know he really wants to."

According to Leonard, his younger brother loves the style of play that Illinois runs and it helps that the 10th best team in the nation offered a scholarship to him.

Leonard says that Leon's academics will be fine. He's okay with the ACT requirement (he scored a 19), but it's in the classroom where he will need to raise his overall GPA. "Right now he's doing very well. We don't see this will be a problem for Leon; he's working very hard right now."

If Leon can manage to raise his GPA and accepts the offer from Weber, he will be eligible to play the 2006-07 basketball season.

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