Big Brother is Taking Over

Rumors float from place to place and sometimes it can get back to the people most involved - the families. From this point on, big brother Leonard Freeman will be taking care of most of the recruiting responsibilities for his younger brother. Read here for the latest.

Leon Freeman is a 6-4 guard from Belleville, Michigan in the class of 2006. According to his brother Leonard Freeman, they are only taking calls from two schools. "Right now I'm going to be talking to the people that call here, and the only calls we're taking are from Illinois and Michigan State. That's it. A number of schools are calling here but he knows what two schools he likes," said Leonard.

This past Saturday the Illini and Spartans went head to head and the #10 Illini beat the #25 Spartans on senior day in East Lansing, Michigan (75-68). One could only wonder if the Freeman family watched the game on Saturday. "No, we just took that time to have a family dinner together; but I know Illinois won the game," he said.

What Leon likes about both schools according to his brother is the tradition, coaches, the fact that both programs have done well, and that they have showed the most interest in Leon.

This weekend during the Big Ten Tournament there's a possibility that the Illini and Spartans could meet up again. "If they play this weekend I would like to go to the game. I don't know if that's possible yet, but we're going to try," said Freeman.

The million-dollar question with Leon is his grades. Leonard responded, "Right now my brother has a 2.0 GPA and he needs a 2.5 to get into college. Like I said the last time we spoke, he's working very hard to get that done."

Because of all the inconsistencies in stories, Leonard has agreed to speak with me and for any information needed on this recruitment.

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