Two Big Ten Schools for Leon Freeman

Fact or fiction: guard Leon Freeman plans to attend college and last night found out what's new with the Freemans. Get inside.

Just last month I spoke with Michigan native Leon Freeman, the 6-4 guard from Belleville, Michigan in the class of 2006. He still lists two schools as his leaders. Because of school, Leon's older brother Leonard Freeman is handling the recruiting process.

"Right now everyone is wondering about school for Leon. Things are looking good for him in the classroom. He's doing so much better," said Leonard. It's not a secret that Leon has some work to do in the classroom. If he doesn't qualify it won't be due to lack of effort.

Some have suggested that Leon attend summer school, but the family is pretty positive about him qualifying. "If he keeps doing what he has been he will be fine," he added.

"There are so many schools interested in him, but he only cares about Illinois and Michigan State. It's not so much that Illinois offered my brother, it's the basketball program they have and we just like it as a whole."

"It's going to be tough for him because he likes both programs so much, but he will be able to help either of them," Leonard stated.

The goal is to get things done in order, because the Freemans would love to visit Champaign. From the sound of things, they seem pretty confident that's going to happen.

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