Visits with Illinois

King High School running back Darnell Ratcliff continues his busy spring schedule. He talks about his visit over the weekend with the Illini.

"I went to Illinois this weekend, and it went really good," said Darnell Ratcliff from Chicago, (Ill.) "I went up there with Chris James and Isaiah Williams to check-out their practice."

"Coach [Ron] Zook and coach [Reggie] Mitchell met up with us when we first got there. We all got to stand on the field the whole time while the team was practicing. All the other prospects were standing on the sideline. I felt very privileged to be out there."

"Isaiah and I played football together in grammar school," Ratcliff said. "He has been talking to me about the whole recruiting process and trying to help me out."

Ratcliff is hearing the "wait-and-see" approach from a lot of schools he has visited this spring.

"Coach Zook took me in his office and asked if I was going to be be ready to perform well in camp this summer. They want to see me at their one day camp like every other school," Ratcliff said. "Overall I think Illinois is a great school."

Ratcliff will participate in the All-American Combine April 22 in Iowa.

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