Practice Report: April 12

It was another practice and another windy day on the east fields. The team went through mostly individual position drills and spent a little amount of time on the option, 9-on 7's, before heading inside Memorial Stadium at 5:30. Inside, the team did a little bit of work on kickoff returns/coverage, and then scrimmaged for roughly 40 minutes.

  • Matt Maddox was back at first team right guard, Antonio Steele still at first team outside linebacker.
  • Kyle Hudson sat out today's practice. He dressed, but had his helmet off the entire time. Coach Zook said afterwards that Hudson had a minor head injury yesterday, and could have gone today, but they decided to err on the side of caution.
  • It was Akim Millington's turn to flatten Alan Ball while pulling on a screen, and afterwards he let Ball know about it.
  • Paul Blalock took the first 2 series leading the 2nd team offense against the 2nd team defense, and went 3 and out on the first series. The second series had nice runs by Blalock and Rashard Mendenhall, but nothing through the air.
  • The first teams were next, Tim Brasic connected with TE J.R. Kraemer over the middle of the field, who then almost took it to the house. The O punched it in on the next play. The 1st team's second series was a short one. After the first team defense left the field, DL Coach Tom Sims had them huddle together, and challenged them all about being too soft and to make plays.
  • Bill Garza got his turn with the 2nd team, the highlight of his series was a block by WR Jacob Willis on Justin Harrison.
  • Brasic took 2 more series with the first team, including some first team carries for Rashard Mendenhall.
  • The team then ran 4 sets of series in the red zone. Blalock and Garza both took one set with the 2's, and Brasic both sets with the 1's. Brasic hooked up with a wide open Dajuan Warren on the first play of his second series for a TD. They then followed the same format for the goal-line drills (PB and BG each one rep, Brasic 2 reps.)
The scrimmage concluded with the 2 minute drill. EB Halsey shed an open field tackle, and was off to the races in one set, while Derek Walker had 2 sacks of Billy Garza in another. Justin Sanders picked Garza off to end the practice, and returned it about 30 yards before Garza clocked him.

A couple brief position notes: Justin Sanders worked with the first team at safety today opposite Kevin Mitchell. Harrison would come in at safety during nickel formations, and Mitchell played the nickel back today. The 2nd team WR's (Willis, Warren, Frank Lenti) all got some playing with the first team. Will Davis continued to take first team reps at DE.

Afterwards Coach Zook thought the scrimmage was a little sloppy, but also thought that was to be expected after a full hour of practice beforehand and they got done everything they wanted to get done.

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