Anthony Randolph - Star in the Making

Anthony Randolph, a 6-foot-10, 200-pound junior at Woodrow Wilson High in Dallas has caught the eyes of Illini coaches and the Illini are definitely on Randolph's list.

This morning I spoke with Anthony Randolph's head basketball coach, Pat Washington. He has nothing but great things to say about his 6-10 athlete.

"Before I even start I want to tell you I've got some players down here right now. Illinois' Tracy Webster was here for three hours not only looking at Anthony, but I have a sophomore William Brown who stands 6-8, 225. He will be a national top-30 recruit when he's a senior. Then Jonathan Sharless, a 6-4 freshman with a great upside. Webster was here and I know he came away impressed. This is Dallas, Texas. To play basketball down here you have to be good," said Washington.

Randolph is a four-star recruit with talent just coming at every angle. "He does things that a 5-foot-10 guard does and that a 6-foot-10 center does. At one point this season Kedric, Anthony played all five positions," stated Washington.

According to Washington, Anthony has a rather big list of schools to choose from, but Illinois is on it and will be for a long time. "We're going to narrow the list down by the end of summer to maybe six schools, and then at the start of school try to get it down to three and hopefully by fall let him make a decision. But for right now were just going to listen to see what people are saying what other players they are bringing in with them and things like that."

Randolph is a member of the class of 2007 and plays AAU basketball for the Dallas Mustangs.

"Some of the best basketball players come from Texas and Illinois fans know that because of Deron Williams. I'm sure the Illinois coaches know that," said Washington.

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