" Illinois is my leader." - Evan Turner

Illinois native from Westchester St. Joseph's is drawing a lot of national attention and his list of schools is rather large. Get inside to hear about his favorite team at this point. The list is a big one with many good teams but right now the focus is on Illinois.

Evan Turner is a 6-6 wing forward that can do it all, including playing the backcourt with no problem. According to Scout.Com, Turner is listed as the nation's #8 best wing forward and strong four-star recruit.

"Right now Illinois is my leader. I have a list of schools that's rather big, but at the end of summer I'm going to narrow that list down. I hope to trim my list and then verbal right after that if things go well," said Turner.

Turner will tell you he's very close to Illinois assistant coach Tracey Webster, who has done most of the recruiting for this young up-and-coming star. "Coach Webster is cool. I like to talk to him; he knows what he's doing."

When you talk to Illinois basketball recruits these days, without a doubt 07' guard Eric Gordon's name comes up, and most of the time now the recruits bring up Gordon. "Oh yes, Eric and I talk a lot. More than what people may know. He's a great player. If we were in the same backcourt that would be double the trouble, and if they can land Derrick Rose – look out. We could be tough to handle," stated Turner.

"I've know Derrick pretty good, we haven't talked a lot yet but I remember a couple years ago when I was playing he came up to me and gave me some good advice that I now use." Turner said.

This weekend Turner will visit the University of Illinois so stay tuned as this recruitment heats up.

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