Eric Gordon talks!

SUWANEE, Ga. - Right now he's still solid with Illinois, but he is giving Indiana a look. It sounds like Eric Gordon is not going to the Peach Jam, according to a close family member. Gordon will be going to the Notre Dame team camp. Read here for quotes from Eric Gordon about his recruitment.

Q: There are rumors floating around about your recruitment. Are you still solid with Illinois?

GORDON: Yeah, I am still solid with Illinois, but I am thinking about Indiana too. I am giving them a look. At this point, nothing has changed.

Q: Do you feel like with the coaching change at Indiana that you have to give them some consideration?

GORDON: I have looked at them for a long time because they are an in-state school. They have a good tradition and Coach Sampson is a good guy, so I think because he is the new coach there that I should give them a look.

Q: Do you still plan to sign in November or would you think about waiting now?

GORDON: I am not sure. I have to talk to my parents about what I am going to do when that time comes.

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