"Target on my back"

The last player to verbal to Illinois' Bruce Weber is Demetri McCamey of Westchester St. Joseph's High School in Illinois. Recently I spoke with McCamey about how things are going for him now that he's picked a college. Actually, it has been a little different for this upcoming star player, read here for the latest.

Make no mistake about it; Demetri McCamey is very excited about playing basketball for the University of Illinois. "Each time I go out I feel like there's a target on my back now. People know I've committed to Illinois so sometimes they come at me harder but that's all apart of the game. But other times players can be cool about it and congratulate me because they know Illinois is a great school." Said McCamey.

McCamey is not one who worries about what the gurus or "they" say about his play, "Rankings don't mean a thing to me, I just go out and play, when we hit the floor were all the same so I just play hard each time out." Not to say that McCamey isn't working on his game, actually by 10:00 a.m. he's done with his personal workouts. "I just know I have to work and get better, when most people are sleeping I'm working out and working on my entire game," he added.

Like most top notch athletes they know where they fit in before they choose a school and who should be there with them. McCamey said he and other future Illini star Eric Gordon of Indiana text each other about every other day. "Eric and I will be playing college basketball together, I talk to him also to see how he's been playing and we both talk to Derrick Rose. We both tell him that we would love to have that three-guard line-up again at Illinois like Deron Williams, Luther Head and Dee Brown. But right now he has to pick the school that's best for him." Said McCamey.

This weekend McCamey plans to leave Friday for Las Vegas, where he said he plans to get after it and play well. Illiniboard will update us on his play.

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