Going in a Different Direction

This guard understands the recruiting game and is not one bit upset how things are working out during his college recruitment. The 6-2 point guard from O'Dea High School in Seattle, WA spoke with me yesterday about his plans with Illinois and which school leads for his services.

Sometimes you just have to take your hat off to a potential student athlete - and guard Jamelle McMillan is one of them. McMillan really follows the recruiting game closely and knows which players are coming to a school and which ones they are going after. "As far as Illinois is concerned, they have decided to go in a different direction and I'm okay with that. They are a great school with a heck of a program. They will be fine; they just signed a guard and I know they are really pursuing someone else right now," McMillan said.

What was impressive about his quotes was the fact that he knows that sometimes other kids fit better for certain programs. He understands what direction Illinois is trying to go. "I haven't really talked with the Illinois coaches in a month, but they are all first-class coaches and treated me very well. I love to watch Illinois play and that won't change, but my list of schools right now is Clemson, North Carolina State and Arizona State."

"This summer I think I did very well. I had some tendonitis in my knee that sat me back a couple games, but I've definitely gotten better and plan to keep working on my game," said McMillan. "I want the Illinois people to know I wish them luck and like I said, they are a class program with class coaches. They will be fine with the players they are bringing in," McMillan stressed.

Here's an athlete that is way ahead of the recruiting game and knows the business side of things. We wish him well.

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