D'Angelo McCray Talks About Favorites

Scout.com's Yancy Porter caught up with five-star 6'3 280-pound defensive lineman D'Angelo McCray from Jacksonville, FL and got the latest on his recruitment. In this update D'Angelo talks about his favorites and when his official visits are scheduled for.

What makes D'Angelo one of the more sought after prospects in the country?

"I have always used my speed and size to my advantage. I think they are surprised when they look at me. They are thinking, 'this boy is too big to run around me', and then boom, I use my speed and quickness to get around them. And if they are quick, I use my strength to bull rush them. I would like to think my game is pretty versatile," added the always colorful D' Angelo McCray.

McCray showed his ball skills and speed last year by catching 24 passes for 370 yds from the tight end position. From the defensive line positions, as he shared time at end and tackle, he collected 75 tackles, 23 tackles for losses and 12 sacks.

Where will he line up this season?

"I am going to mainly play (defensive) tackle, but I am going to be playing some end too. I will still start at tight end too."

Which position would McCray like to play on the next level?

"It really does not matter. I just want to be out there playing. Put me anywhere."

What would D'Angelo like to accomplish during his last go around on the high school level?

"I am just trying to take my team the furthest we have been since Michael Hicks and them were here. They got to the third round, so we have to at least get to the fourth round."

D' Angelo has lined up official visits to Illinois (10/6), South Carolina (9/8), and USC (10/13) so far. Who else is under consideration?

"I am talking to Coach Orgeron (Ole Miss) about lining up a visit. He just does not know which weekend he wants me to come up yet. The last one, I have not decided. I am not going to take one to Florida or Florida State because I can drive down there on my own. I am probably going to just go check out the FSU/Florida game. The last one could go to Georgia Tech. I am not sure yet. I have not decided."

What stands out about each school?

USC - "They have a winning tradition and stuff like that. Their team probably."

Illinois - "Coach Dish. We have a real good relationship. He is from Jacksonville."

Georgia Tech - "I know a couple of the players they have committed. I am just looking into it."

South Carolina - "Coach Spurrier. He has proven he can win too."

Ole Miss - "Mike (Michael Hicks) is my boy. They also signed another partner of mine, Jamal Harvey. Both of them said it was straight up there, you just have to find stuff to do. Coach Orgeron has also put a lot of linemen in the league like Warren Sapp, Cortez Kennedy, and all of those USC cats. It just might be a good place for me. I do not know. I will see when I go take my visit."

Which position is each school recruiting D'Angelo to play?

"Ole Miss, Florida, Illinois, and South Carolina want me for d-end, the rest like me at tackle."

McCray mentioned Coach Dish at Illinois as a coach that stood out; anymore?

"I am pretty close to coaches Spurrier (South Carolina) and Haggan (FSU) too. They are all cool though."

Who is coming after D'Angelo the hardest?

"South Carolina. They text me often and stuff like that. I feel like they are recruiting me the hardest."

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