Florida Big Man Keeps Close Eye on Illini

A.J. Stewart is a 6-7 swingman from Jacksonville, Florida, and is currently ranked as a four-star recruit by Scout.com. Stewart talks about the schools that interest him and why he likes the Big Ten. Read here for more on Stewart.

A.J. Stewart felt at one time that Kentucky could have been the leader for this class of 2007 recruit, but now that list has changed. Now this athletic forward has a new list that includes: Illinois, Kansas State, Oklahoma State and Clemson. Of that list of suitors only one has offered him a full scholarship ride - and that's Clemson.

"I think Illinois will offer me one soon. I really like them. Right now I can't say I have a favorite, but I like everything about them," said Stewart.

Being from the south sometimes players tend to stay close to home, but for Stewart that's not going to be a problem for him. "Going to play at Illinois and the Big Ten would be great, and the distance wouldn't be a problem for me at all. They have players from other places. I know Eric Gordon is a really good player and he's going to play at Illinois, so that would be good."

Sometimes the edge in getting a recruit can be that magical campus visit. That hasn't happened yet for Stewart but he plans to visit Illinois. "They told me sometime in September they would like me to come down for a visit. Coach Webster is a really cool guy; he's the person I talk to the most right now," stated Stewart.

With his play this summer, Stewart's stock should rise in the rankings. Currently he's a Top 100 prospect by Scout.com.

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