Eric Gordon on Basketball

With all the recent buzz surrounding Illini recruit and All-American guard Eric Gordon from Indiana, I thought it was time to talk basketball with this star. Currently Gordon is battling to become the nation's best player, and with his play this summer he may have done just that. Read more from my conversation with Gordon.

Let's face it. Eric Gordon star guard from Indianapolis, Indiana, is one special athlete and will probably someday make a lot of money playing the game he loves. "Right now basketball is going great for me. I'm playing open gym at school. I really haven't started to lift weights yet, but that's something I need to do here pretty soon. I'm working out with a trainer and that should help me also," said Gordon. Last year when I saw Gordon play in person, I thought to myself: Gordon, right now as a junior with his size and speed, could start on most top-15 college basketball teams in the country.

Gordon is the crème of the crop right now in Head Coach Bruce Weber's class. Even though Gordon committed to Illinois most have forgotten the fact that Gordon has yet to take his official visit to Illinois, which he plans to do. Gordon talked about the difference between official and unofficial visits. "When you're on your official visit it's just different. I mean the coaches can say more, they are with you a lot more and they talk academics. You really get to see what the school is all about. I'm going to take my official visit - I just don't know when," Gordon said.

For those that haven't seen Gordon play because you missed last year's nationally televised game on ESPN - don't miss this year's. "I'm not sure the date, but my team will be on ESPN again this school year," he added.

Gordon's team, the North Central High School Panthers, will be taking on Wilamette (IL) Loyola Academy on February 1st 2007 on Gordon's home turf. The game will also feature this year's other profile athlete: Jeffery Jordan, the son of NBA legend Michael Jordan.

While speaking with Eric he appeared to be relieved to just talk hoops again. The sky is the limit for him. I'm sure when Gordon arrives at Illinois the season ticket sales will soar. This young man is very professional, intelligent and well spoken. Let's face it - he's the total package.

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