Anthony Crater on Top of the Recruiting Game

The game of recruiting can be very tricky for some parents, high school coaches and AAU coaches, but I'm 100% sure Anthony Crater understands it. In my years of interviewing players and coaches, this kid is on the recruiting game. Get inside for this one.

Anthony Crater is a 5-star recruit and listed here by in the class of 2008 as the nation's third best point guard. Athletes' lists can change from time to time but as of right now, in no particular order, Crater's list includes: Illinois, OSU, Arizona, Kansas and Florida.

"Right now I don't have a favorite school but there are things I like about all the schools on my list. I like Illinois because of Coach Weber. He's a great coach and he lets his players play the game. The motion offense is great. It was nice to see Dee, Deron and Luther play and have that great final-four run. Dee Brown is one of my favorite players and when I visited Illinois I got to hang out with him a lot and all the other players. I'm different; I was asking the players to tell me all there was to know about the school and the coaches. Every one of them told me I would like to play for Weber and the staff was great to play for. I really liked the campus down there - the basketball arena and the practice facility were great," said Crater.

"What I'm looking for is this: what players are going to be there when I get there and who else is the staff recruiting. All of that matters to me. Coaches can say whatever they want but I want to know if guys are leaving for the draft or whatever. I'm not being selfish, but I want to play when I come in. I know Eric Gordon is a great player and it would be nice if I got to play with him - he's an explosive guard. I also like Demetri McCamey. At first I thought he was playing the same position I was but I know Coach Weber lets his guards play the game; it doesn't matter who has it in their hands. I mean think about it, I'm an ‘08 recruit. Why go to a school when the have a player at my position. That's why I'm leaving the State of Michigan. I told the Ohio State people when they interviewed me. I like Coach Matta. I saw his teams play at Xavier, but I want to see him let his players play. I have time to decide on a school but I need to see for myself," added Crater.

Even though Illinois will be bringing in a number of top notch players during the upcoming weeks, Crater will not be one of them. "I'm not going to be able to make it down there the next few weekends but I'm coming back, I think, the first weekend in October. Next weekend I'm going to Arizona and for Midnight Madness I'm going to Florida," Crater said.

Crater feels that his high school and his AAU coaches have prepared him for the recruiting game and all that comes with it. Like most kids, their dreams are to play in the NBA and Crater is no different. "My favorite player in the NBA is Steve Nash and Coach Weber's system is good for the NBA. I've seen his success and his ability to get players in the NBA."

When Crater makes his next visit to Illinois, will have the update.

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