Week 4: Pick'Em

Its Friday morning, so that means it is time again for Brumby and Brad to take aim at college football in this week's edition of the Pick'Em.

Iowa at Illinois (+21):
Brad: Will this mark the beginning of the Juice Era and the end of the Brasic era? Mum's the word on who will start, but Juice will see plenty of action. The Iowa defense is likely to be licking its chops for either option. Brasic has seemingly regressed in his fifth year and Juice is still plenty raw and Big Ten play is a step above Eastern Illinois and Syracuse. Juice's potential starting debut has Illini fans abuzz, but that should not last too long as the Hawkeyes come into town and show the Illini how far they still have to go. Iowa 30, Illinois 3.

Brumby: As of Thursday night, the Illinois coaches have not announced who the starting quarterback will be. Sadly, I don't think who the starting quarterback is matters in the grand scheme of things. Tim Brasic has been able to lead Illinois on much longer drives than Juice Williams, but he makes too many mental mistakes a senior shouldn't make. Juice Williams is the future of the program. Iowa is a program that Illinois wishes it was, and should probably be following their model in the rebuilding process. The Hawkeyes will come into Champaign, and beat the Illini pretty handily. With the forecast calling for rain, look for the game to be a little bit less scoring than you would have thought originally. Iowa 28, Illinois 6.

Wisconsin at Michigan (-14):
Brad: To the delight of many once-a-year Michigan fans, the Wolverines sent God, I mean Charlie Weis, and his troops to the woodshed. Will that momentum carry over or will they spend too much time this week patting themselves on the back? This is Bret Bielema's Big Ten debut and, like clockwork, the Badgers once again have themselves a workhorse RB. This year it's freshman P.J. Hill. Never count out the pesky Cheeseheads, as they will give the Wolverines a game in the Big House. Michigan 24, Wisconsin 16.

Brumby: Did Lloyd Carr save his job for another year with the Wolverines demolishing of the Fighting Irish? I don't think we will know until they face Ohio State, but before that happens the rest of the Big Ten awaits. As Brad said, this is Brett Bielema's Big Ten debut, and I don't think he could have drawn a worse place to debut (though maybe the Horseshoe). Michigan will still be on a high from last weekend, and Lloyd Carr is probably ready to highlight his coaching ineptitude again this week. Michigan 17, Wisconsin 14.

Penn State at Ohio State (-16 ½):
Brad: The Buckeyes went through the motions and still beat Cincinnati by 30 a week ago. Now they will be motivated again as JoePa brings his Nittany Lions into town. Ted Ginn Jr. has freakish skills, but while everyone spends all their time shadowing him, fellow WR Anthony Gonzalez puts up big numbers on the opposite side. As the saying goes, you can't stop them, you can only hope to contain them. Hope being the key word. Ohio State 33, Penn State 14.

Brumby: The Buckeyes are the best team in the nation this year. They have won at Texas, and even when they play a pedestrian game, they defeat their in-state rivals the Bearcats by 30. Joe Pa's Nittany Lions have not really impressed yet this year, and coming into Columbus facing a team with National Championship aspirations is not a good way to start out the conference season for the coke-bottle eyed one. Ohio State 41, Penn State 10.

Notre Dame at Michigan State (+3):
Brad: Notre Dame fans everywhere cannot seem to forget the MSU flag that the Spartans planted in Notre Dame Stadium after a rousing overtime win a year ago. There's no doubt God himself hasn't forgotten either. Motivation is great, but a defenseless defense is another. Drew Stanton is a dual threat at QB and the weak Irish secondary will get exploited by WR Matt Trannon. Can the great Tommy Z deliver the knockout blow? Brady Quinn leads a pretty potent Irish offense eager to show last week was an exception, not a rule. Notre Dame 38, Michigan State 34.

Brumby: As much as I would like to see the Domers have a two game slide, I just cannot see the Spartans winning. The real question of this game is whether or not the Domers will decide to plant a flag in East Lansing after they conquer the Spartans. (Well conquer may be a little bit difficult because the Notre Dame defense is pourous). Notre Dame 45, Michigan State 38.

Arizona State at California (-7 ½):
Brad: For those who love offense, rejoice! The Pac-10 conference schedule is under way! Defense is an afterthought out West and this game features two of the nations' most exciting offensive players in Cal RB Marshawn Lynch and ASU QB Rudy Carpenter. Pundits claim Cal can play defense a little, but I'll believe it when I see it. California 36, Arizona State 30.

Brumby: Why couldn't this game have been next week when I could have attended it? That is really all I am wondering right now. The talk at the beginning of the season was that maybe this was the year Cal would be able to take over the Pac 10 Championship from USC. That obviously is not the case. Look for the Sun Devils to pull an upset here. Arizona State 31, California 30.

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