Week 5: Pick'Em

Its Friday morning, so that means it is time again for Brumby and Brad to take aim at college football in this week's edition of the Pick'Em.

Illinois at Michigan State (-26):
Brad: The Illini absolutely stink against MSU. Nine straight losses are all you need to know about their recent manhandling at Sparty's expense. Loss number 10 looms even despite the collapse last week against Notre Dame. That loss could send MSU spiraling downward earlier than normal, but the Illini are not yet ready to beat a team this talented, especially away from home. Juice should find plenty of holes in a leaky secondary, but will his receivers catch his bullets? The bet here is the game is tight for 3 quarters and the Spartans pull away late. Michigan State 34, Illinois 17.

Brumby: Dating back to the days when John L. Smith's Louisville players used to try to hurt Kurt Kittner, forcing Tony Pashos to take fifteen yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalties to protect his QB and let the defensive linemen know Kittner was not to be messed with, I have not liked John L. Smith. I think Ron Turner actually hated John L. Smth as much as Tom Izzo hates Bo Ryan, the difference of course in that relationship was that Turner actually beat Smith a few times, while Ryan has owned Izzo.

Oh, yeah, back to this year's contest. Umm, does any body know a good sports bar in Berkeley, CA that will be open to show the game? If you do e-mail me at john@illiniboard.com and let me know.

Wait, you probably want a score prediction. After last week's choke that only the St. Louis Cardinals fans watching on TV could love, Michigan State should be out for blood. Then again it is the fifth week of the season, and it is about time for the Spartans to roll over and play dead like your family dog begging for a Snausage. Luckily for Spartan Fan, they are playing Illinois. The Illini's improved defense will keep them in the game for the first half until the field position battle is just too much and the Spartans finish off the Illini. Michigan State 31, Illinois 10.

Ohio State at Iowa (+7):
Brad: The Buckeyes offense sputtered in soggy Columbus last week, but with electrifying talents like Troy Smith and Ted Ginn, Jr., they won't stay down long. The Hawkeye defense is solid, but can only contain the corral of Buckeye stallions for so long. Ohio State 27, Iowa 13.

Brumby: The Hawkeye offense was completely anemic against Illinois' defense. What does that say for them heading up against the Buckeyes? It is not a good sign for the Fighitng Ferentz's that is for sure. This Hawkeyes team is the same one that struggled to beat Illinois and Syracuse, and this is the same Ohio State team that went down to Austin and beat the Longhorns. Easy choice here. Ohio State 38, Iowa 10.

Michigan at Minnesota (+9 ½):
Brad: The Wolverines are looking like a juggernaut once again. They have a different look early on and could conceivably travel unblemished to Columbus in November for a showdown that could be of epic proportions in an already epic rivalry. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Under Lloyd Carr, the Maize and Blue always seem to find a way to let one get away that they shouldn't. It will happen. Just not this week. Michigan 31, Minnesota 23.

Brumby: It is the Big Ten's battle of the rodents as the Wolverines travel to the Hubert H. Humphry Metrodome to take on the Golden Gophers. Sadly for White Sox fans, this is going to be the only game in the dome this weekend that means anything for the teams involved. Minnesota is really not that good, but then again Lloyd Carr is still Michigan's coach. Talent wins this one though. Michigan 27, Minnesota 17.

Purdue at Notre Dame (-14):
Brad: Last weekend's miracle comeback against Michigan State could not have made Joe Tiller sleep any easier this week. God's (or is it Charlie Weis's? Oh, wait, is there a difference?) team got its mojo back in spades a week ago and that is not a good thing for the Boilers. Notre Dame 44, Purdue 20.

Brumby: The baby Jesus was definitely on the side of God's, err Weis' warriors on Saturday night when they made their comeback against Michigan State. After watching that, the alcohol was definitely flowing in East Lansing, heck it was flowing at my table at the bar and I don't even like Michigan State. Oh, yeah, Notre Dame plays another game this week, and they will beat another Big Ten team this week. Notre Dame 48, Purdue 24.

Wisconsin at Indiana (+11):
Brad: Indiana welcomes coach Terry Hoeppner back from brain surgery this week That can only be a good thing for a team that lost both games, one of which was to 1-AA Southern Illinois, in his absence. Troublemaking and playmaking WR James Hardy returns from a two-week stay in the penalty box, but who will throw him the ball? Freshman RB P.J. Hill is yet another dominant Badger RB and the running game will lead a boring, yet effective offense. Wisconsin 24, Indiana 6.

Brumby: Welcome back Terry Hoeppner, you were missed, and I am glad you are okay again. Unfortunately, your football team is pretty bad, and you are in a land not unfamiliar to Illinois fans as your team is a double digit dog at home. As I would call in and tell Mac, Jurko, and Harry this afternoon I LOVE THE BADGERS!! Yes, the Who do you Love? portion of their show is still a must listen if I am actually in a car on a Friday afternoon, but we all know that is never the case. Wisconsin 27, Indiana 3.

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