DeAndre Liggins Enjoys Midnight Madness

Chicago, Illinois native enjoys his visit to Illinois on Friday. This 2008 recruit gives his list of schools along with his opinion on the recent Eric Gordon saga. Get inside.

DeAndre Liggins is a tough person to get in touch with these days, but last Friday he took time out of his busy schedule to pay Head Coach Bruce Weber a visit. "I'm working on my game or at school so that's why I haven't been around much lately."

Liggins is very interested in Illinois due mainly to Assistant Coach Tracy Webster. "Coach Webster is a cool guy and right now I'm interested in Illinois because he's been talking to me a lot. He's a good guy. I know the way Illinois plays and I like all of that and it's a great school," Liggins said.

According to Liggins the Illini have offered him a scholarship, but he's not ready to commit to a school. At this point it appears his list includes: Illinois, Iowa, Wake Forest, Notre Dame and Purdue.

On his unofficial visit, Liggins really liked the fact that Weber had a lot of local players in town and a lot of them from his class. "That was nice to see so many of the players I play against all make it down there for the visit."

What's DeAndre's take on the Eric Gordon saga? DeAndre, like almost everyone, thought the Indianapolis star guard was going to play for Weber. "Man, that was mean. I'm sorry - no way would I have ever done anything like that. It was wrong and just not good to do to them. That's all I'm going to say about it because I can't believe he did that." Well, DeAndre, I can't either but nothing surprises me anymore.

Liggins will take another visit to Illinois to catch a game, but for now he's just waiting to see how things go for him.

He's listed as the 7th best small forward in his class and has Liggins listed as a four-star recruit.

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