An Interview With Reggie Rose had an opportunity to speak with the brother of Simeon point guard Derrick Rose after Friday night's Orange and Blue Scrimmage. Reggie commented on Derrick's school list, his anticipated announcement date, and his trip to Illinois. Here are some of Reggie's comments to the press in response to questions from various media members:

"We've got a November 8th timetable (to sign with a school). I don't want to miss out on (anything), and I don't want him to miss out on (anything)."

"He's going to make an announcement on November 4th. That's why we're up here making sure."

"Myself, I never had a problem with Illinois. When you're dealing with kids of that age, sometimes it's ‘I want to go to Illinois', and the next day it's ‘I don't.' I kinda let him do this on his own. I'm not like ‘OK, Derrick, if you want to go do this, let's do it.' He wanted to do this (visit)."

"If Illinois wasn't on the list, we wouldn't be down here. Right now the list is Illinois, Indiana, and Memphis. No more visits. We'll be announcing on November 4th."

(On Eric Gordon) "That thing went kinda haywire. I grabbed Eric to play on my AAU team, and the way they played together was scary. The playing together is really up to them. It's like I tell Derrick, you're trying to make it to the next level. A decision like that, sometimes you have to be selfish."

"We're just playing it by ear. So far the welcoming has been great. They competed out there on the court, Derrick was sitting down, smiling, having fun. A couple of Simeon coaches and alumni from Simeon are up here. Bryant Notree is here. He's just soaking it all up and smiling. I asked him if he wanted to stay up here (tonight), and he said ‘yes', and his wish is the command right now."

"We just showed up for the Midnight Madness (last year), it really wasn't planned. It was a spur of the moment thing. We never really got to take a visit like all the other schools we've been to. That was another reason, we've got to take a visit, and go through everything that we've done at other schools. We're going to let it all soak in for a week or so, and make a decision."

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