"Wish I could have made it."- McCamey

Illini recruit Demetri McCamey is quickly becoming the Dee Brown of the future for Illini basketball. This past weekend McCamey wanted to make the trip to Champaign, but had to take care of some other business. Read here for more details.

Everyone under the sun is now on pins and needles to see where star guard Chicago Simeon Derrick Rose will be attending school next fall. Illiniboard.com caught up for a quick update on Demetri McCamey and his thoughts on Rose.

Usually when other top recruits come to town McCamey tries to show his face, but last weekend he was taking care of some things in the classroom. McCamey is qualified academically but wants to improve his ACT test score. "Last time I took it I got an 18 and that's not good enough for me. I know I can do better so I'm working to get a better score. That's why I couldn't make the trip down there this weekend," said McCamey.

"Coach Weber called me on the phone last Friday night when Derrick was there to talk to him, but I wasn't home. I wish I could have taken that call. I really only talk to Derrick when we're playing ball or something, but I talk to his teammate Tim Flowers a lot and we're pretty close. Right now no one knows what going to happen. I just hope he comes down there to play with me," McCamey added.

Most admit that when brother Reggie Rose came out in the Chicago Sun-Times that Derrick would be making another visit to Illinois, it shocked the entire Illini Nation. Not everyone though. "I'm not really surprised at all. I was down there with him last year and he liked it then, so I'm not totally shocked that he came back for a visit," McCamey said.

Make no mistake about it - McCamey wants to play with the best players at Illinois, but let's not lose sight how good Demetri is himself. This four-star recruit has all the tools of former Illini guard Deron Williams. One thing is for sure - McCamey will not be out-worked – neither on the practice floor or the classroom. Illini fans, he's a winner and it's safe to say he's the type of player to keep the Illini at the top of the Big Ten.

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