Ron Zook Can Recruit!

When Athletic Director Ron Guenther replaced Ron Tuner he knew that recruiting was a major concern for the program. So what did Guenther do, hire Ron Zook one of the best recruiters in the game today. Add the nations best receiver Arrelious Benn who committed to the Illini yesterday to Zook's strong list of recruits.

Arrelious Benn is considered one of the best players in the country has decided to play for Ron Zook and the Illini. Benn's reason for picking the Illini was easy youth, talent, coach and will they be one of the best up and coming teams in all of college football next season.

Game after game this season we asked Zook what's the answer for all the drop passes, and his response was always the same "recruit, recruit and recruit some more that's what were going to do." Zooker you just did that, because as the video shows here at Benn is a playmaker.

Benn chose Illinois over Notre Dame, Michigan State, Maryland and Florida State. Now with Benn, QB Juice Williams and CB Vontae Davis the Illini should sell more tickets alone with just those three up and coming players.

Benn is 6-1, from Dunbar High School in Washington, D.C and currently runs a (4.4) 40-yard dash time.

Zook has kept his promise from day one, "Things will be different here at Illinois, we will recruit the best players and we will win football games." had this to say about Benn:

Hauled in 49 catches for over 1100 yards and 16 touchdowns as a junior.

Benn reports a 3.25 GPA/890 SAT.

Benn: "I like to think of myself as a combination of a deep-threat and possession receiver. I'm physical, fast and I'm very good at getting yards after a catch. I'm not a catch and drop receiver. I can take a hit. My strengths are definitely my size and my speed. My physical body features can be quite intimidating. I want to work on my route running and knowing when to change speeds. "On the field I do best catching passes and scoring TDs. I'm strongest in my thighs, hands and feet. But this summer I am trying to get my hands stronger by twisting a hammer in a bucket of rice--and I also have a personal trainer," Benn said.

Coach's Comments: "I believe in having good kids that are going to make good decisions and who are smart. That's the type of kid that I want in my program. Those are the type of guys that develop in the Dunbar program, and Arrelious is probably one of the better all-around players that I've, and we've had some great ones." -- Dunbar head coach Craig Jeffries

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