"We're going to a bowl game next year."

Last year when I met Juice Williams I thought I would never meet another high school athlete with such confidence. But last night I spoke with highly recruited Arrelious Benn of Washington, DC. Get inside for what Benn thinks of Illinois and Head Coach Ron Zook.

Arrelious Benn is a 6-2 receiver with 4.6 speed and soft hands. Benn is considered by some as the nation's top receiver. Here at Scout.com Benn is listed as #2 and a five-star recruit just oozing with talent.

Most people would be surprised that Benn committed to Illinois because of its recent lack luster years. Zook told us that he will recruit and recruit some more; with Benn he did just that. "I'm coming to Illinois for a lot of reasons. First Coach Zook is a DC guy and he's a great coach and a great recruiter. I love the offense he runs, so all that took place when I made my decision. Also because they have a lot of young and up-and-coming players and I want to be apart of that. That I will get the chance to play right away too helps," said Benn.

What Illinois is missing are more guys with that "swagger." Now comes another one in Benn. "I want the ball in pressure situations. I love it. I want the ball in tough games. Illinois was close in a lot of games; next year we're going to win those games. We're going to a bowl game next year. Starting January 16th I will be in classes. I can't wait," Benn added.

"Even though I've committed to Illinois, I'm still trying to get other great players to come with me. If it's not the right fit for them then that's cool, but we will do some great things at Illinois."

Zook told us he will get the players to Illinois. I'm sure it's tough for most of you to believe that he can get this thing turned around at Illinois, but when you're bringing in the type players he's getting - the wins will surely follow.

Scout.com: While Benn is actually a young age for his class, he looks like a construction worker already. Clearly he is a hard worker in the weight room and that translates on the field where he can overpower smaller defenders. He is also very athletic and can stop on a dime to make defenders miss.

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