Martez Wilson talks Recruiting

Illinois Head Football Coach Ron Zook is on a mission - to get things turned around at Illinois. To do that, recruiting the best players possible is key. Get inside for the latest on Five-Star recruit Martez Wilson.

Martez Wilson, one of the nation's best preps, hales from Chicago Simeon. When you talk to Wilson, it is safe to say he's a difference-maker. He's listed here at as a DE but most feel this gifted athlete may be a LB once he gets to college.

"A lot of schools are calling me. I know they want me to play for them but right now my list is Illinois, Notre Dame and USC. I plan to make it official on the 21st of this month at my high school," said Wilson.

What does Wilson think of Illinois and Zook? "Coach Zook is real. He's a good man and a great person. One of the reasons he's such a good recruiter is because he tells it like it is and players can respect that," Wilson stated.

Wilson didn't want to mention any names, but some tell him not to attend the University of Illinois because they have been losing. "I know how close they were last year. They're a young team and he's bringing in some other good players, so I just listen to them talk. I know they will win next year."

Whoever lands Wilson will get a very confident play-maker who loves the game.

Wilson stands 6-4, 228 and runs a 4.5 forty. His team didn't finish the season the way they wanted to - their final record was 7-5.

Sources close feel that Illinois may have a slight lead at this point, but the game of recruiting will go on until the final word comes from Wilson's mouth.

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