2010 Freshman Remembers 2005 Illini

James Bell is a 6-3 guard from Florida who some say is one of the top players in the nation. Read here for an update on him from InsideIllini.com.

Last month Illinois Head Coach Bruce Weber talked about making changes in how they recruit. Well, it's very obvious that now they are the aggressor. Some feel it's a little too early to show strong interest in 2010 recruits - but if Illinois doesn't, others will (and they are).

The Illini got a commitment from 6-6 small forward Jereme Richmond of North Shore Country Day in Illinois, arguably the top freshman in the state. Some may feel that's a tad young. Hear me when I say this - other big time programs are looking for the same thing. Talking with these young athletes they have no problems saying which schools they like or which schools send them information (a questionnaire).

James Bell of Florida is no different. "I grew up a big-time Georgetown fan but I really don't like the system they run; I don't know if it would fit my game. A lot of schools send me stuff from everywhere. If things changed with their system, and I don't know if it will, then maybe I'll look harder at them," said Bell.

"I do watch Illinois. Because I've been so busy it's been hard the past month, but I remember that Final Four team with Dee Brown and that one really good guard that plays for the Utah Jazz (Deron Williams). I liked how Dee played and how he got to run the team. They really worked well together as a team," Bell added.

Bell plays for Arlington Country Day in Jacksonville (FL) and according to him they are ranked 9th in the nation by USA Today.

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