Jereme Richmond Update

Jereme Richmond has become a "marked" man, but continues to play his game. This 6-6, 14-year old freshman appears to be way ahead of his time. Read here for an update.

Jereme Richmond, a 6-6 guard/forward from Winnetka's (IL) North Shore Country Day Club, hasn't missed a beat this season. Tonight Richmond will be on the road at University High in Chicago.

Bill Richmond has been extremely professional in handling his son's recruitment; as it should be when your son is just starting his high school career. "Jereme is doing quite well, Kedric. He's averaging on the season 34 points and 18 rebounds," said Bill. Often times it's easy to forget that with a player of Richmond's stature, opponents will gear up their game to play him. "He does very well with that. People get up to play him, that's for sure. Most nights he gets double- and tripled-teamed, but plays within himself."

One would have to wonder what his thoughts are on his future. Illinois has been one of the top teams in the nation year in and year out; however, this season it looks like this group is still trying to find itself. "Naturally, we want to see Illinois win games, but we haven't really sat down and talked about how things are going for them. But we do watch them play," Bill said.

Rumor has it that Jereme is good but doesn't really play "top" competition. Here's my take on that - regardless of who your opponents are, putting up numbers like that is extremely impressive as well as doing it night in and night out. Also, Richmond is a stud on the AAU circuits according to all those who've seen him play. One coach had this to say about Richmond - "He's the real deal; this kid can do it all. He can run, jump, shoot, and dunk, and is very athletic. Most of those things come natural for Jereme. By the time he's a senior in high school he will be one of the top 5 players in the country."

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