"I'm still going to Illinois." - D. McCamey

Sometimes people say the funniest things to student-athletes when they commit to a school. Illini-to-be Demetri has been given some advice on college. Read here at InsideIllini.com for more on what "they" think of his future plans.

Demetri McCamey, 6-4 point guard and four-star recruit, committed to the University of Illinois in June of 2006. He gave InsideIllini.com an update on his season and what he thinks of this year's Illini.

"First of all, they will be fine. It's really easy for people to forget they've had a number of key injuries this season. Brian Randle, Jamar Smith and Chester Frazier - those guys are major contributors to the team and when they can't play and aren't healthy it will make a difference," McCamey said.

Recently, Illinois' Head Coach Bruce Weber has been under some criticism and it's really unfair at times, especially when you lose recruits to other schools. Fans and alumni try to convince you to change schools. "People at my school are starting to ask me what's wrong with Illinois and ask if I have my doubts about going there because they have lost a few games. Some maybe suggest other schools, but I tell them no. I'm going to Illinois and that's it!" stressed McCamey. Being a top athlete is hard enough at times and maybe it's the nature of the business, but the pressure they deal with on a daily basis is sometimes forgotten. "When people play against me they come at me hard. They want to prove things I guess, so I have to step up my game. Everyone wants to see how they stack up against a DI player, but other guys on my team that are DI players deal with the same things I guess," he added.

This school season his St. Joseph's team is currently 15-2 with one loss coming from the number one team in Wisconsin (Milwaukee Vincent). "I'm averaging 16 points, 8 assists, 5 rebounds and 3 steals a game."

McCamey believes the Illini will get on a roll here real soon. He feels the talent is there, people just need to let them get healthy and get their chemistry back and they will be there in the end.

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