D.J. Richardson Makes Visit to the Hall

D.J. Richardson has eyed the Illini for sometime now, but finally was able to take in a Big Ten game at Assembly Hall. Richardson spoke with InsideIllini.com and his AAU coach. Read here for more on Richardson.

D.J. Richardson is one of the state's best players. He's a member of the Class of 2009 and continues to impress collegiate scouts. Richardson is a slick 6-3 guard with tremendous upside to his game. This Peoria High athlete likes what he sees in Illinois.

"I think it's cool to have a coach like Coach Weber interested in me. I have offers from Bradley and Baylor but the two Big Ten schools that've offered me and shown the most interest are Illinois and Indiana. But Tennessee is really starting to pick up. They called my dad and told him they wanted to see me play. They are very interested in me right now," said Richardson.

Until yesterday Richardson hadn't been to Illinois for a game, but came away very impressed according to an AAU coach of the Illinois Stars, Marcus Fair. "Oh, he really liked it and came away very impressed. We talked about it all the way home. Actually, I know he can't wait to visit there again. What a lot of people really don't know for D.J. will be how close Illinois is for him. It's important for his family to see him play and it's close. I talked with D.J., Sr. today and he said Illinois probably leads right now for him," Fair said.

D.J. said he's still only a sophomore but next year he's really going to sit down and start looking at how things are going to play out for him. According to Fair, they talk to Illinois Assistant Coach Wayne McClain and he's been really good throughout this entire process.

"Illinois did a good job today bringing in all these kids. They had Jereme Richmond there and Reggie Smith; there were a lot of potential players there at the game today," said Fair.

Along with Richardson today was Donivine Stewart, Landis Farmer and Marcus Fair, all younger members of the Illinois Stars.

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