Jerry Hester on the Illini Program

Jerry Hester the expert analyst for the Fighting Illini radio network took the time to speak with about this past season and their NCAA chances coming up. Get Inside for more comments from Hester.

* First let me say, lets give credit where credit is due, Coach Bruce Weber did a great job of coaching this year. This season he dealt with the Rich McBride situation, the injuries to Brian Randle, Jamar Smith and Chester Frazier and now the recent situation that's taken place with Brian Carlwell. Still somehow this man was able to win 21 basketball games that is the sign of a great coach.

*Illinois should be in the NCAA tournament, I thought if they could beat Michigan win at Penn State which they did it assured them a winning record in the conference. If they can beat Iowa it will help them for seeding purposes it's tough to win in Iowa City but it can be done.

*What people don't understand is how good of a coach Weber really is, sure we would like to see him land a few more blue-chip recruits but that will all come if he keeps winning 20 games every year. Coach is really good to his players he's like a father to them and they can go to him if they have questions or concerns. The more you win the more it will help when it comes to recruiting; he's the right person and does a good job.

*Even though I'm not down there much Brian Carlwell seems to be holding up pretty well, during the Michigan game he looked a lot better I thought. I don't think he's going to make the Iowa trip, they don't want him on planes yet from what I was told.

* Jamar is holding up fine, he has my support and I told him he made a mistake just learn from it, he's a great kid that comes from a good family. Mistakes happen but the key is what you do after that.

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