Lewis Jackson Gives Top Five Schools

At one point in time Lewis Jackson had a leader. A lot has changed in the past year for this Illinois native. Read here for the latest on Jackson and when he plans to verbal.

Last year at this time the University of Illinois was the silent leader for Decatur, Illinois point guard Lewis Jackson. Jackson gave InsideIllini.com his top five in order: "Right now on my list, in order, are Indiana, Tennessee, Clemson, DePaul and Illinois. I've been to Illinois about five times and Indiana twice," said Jackson.

Recruiting can take its toll on some youngsters, so that's why Jackson plans to make his college decision this summer. "I'm doing a lot better in school this year. I'm planning to take the ACT coming up here real soon, but things are shaping up."

Even though right now the Illini aren't the favorite like they were last year, Jackson said the Illini staff is still working him. "I get text messages from Coach Price. What I've been doing is taping a lot of games of all the schools I like and try to analyze their game and how they use their guards. To me the way they play will determine what I may do in college. That's the best way to decide I feel. Without naming a favorite, if I had to pick a school right now based on guard play, I would have to say Tennessee is my leader. Coach Pearl lets them get up and down the floor and I like that," Jackson said.

The season is not over for Jackson. At this point, he's trying to get his team to Peoria, Illinois for the state tournament. Last week Eisenhower beat Mt. Zion for the Regional Championship game. Tuesday night at 6:00 p.m. they play Evansville in a Sectional game. Against Mt. Zion Jackson scored 18 points and dished out 4 assists.

From the sound of things, Illinois is still on Jackson's list but may have some ground to make up for his services.

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