Ty Abbott Talks Recruiting

Ty Abbott is a wanted and gifted athlete that schools are drooling over. September 14, 2006 Abbott committed to the University of New Mexico but since that time things have changed. With the firing of former New Mexico Coach Ritchie Mckay, Abbott was given his release from the school. We spoke with Abbott last night, get inside for and update and how the Illini will play a role in his recruitment.

*Ty Abbott, 6-2 SR SG Phoenix (Ariz.) Desert Vista has been a very busy young man the past couple weeks. Abbott was just released from his letter of intent from New Mexico. Here are a few quotes from Abbott's phone conversation last night with us.

* I'm not going to rush into anything this time, last time I did that look where it got me. I'm very thankful I was granted a release, this time I'm going to make sure of the situation.

* Right now there's no leader, I want to make sure this time everything is going to be right and I want it to be a great fit for me, it's a career decision I have to make.

*I only have two visits left, Illinois is trying to set things up for me, but I'm not sure what two schools I will visit last. I really don't have any favorites I just want to make sure and hope people understand that. The list of schools that I will be choosing from will be Illinois, Washington State, UConn, Vanderbilt and Virginia Tech in no particular order.

*All the coaches from the Illinois staff are recruiting me, Coach Weber was out here too, I know how important this process is for them, they're great coaches I think.

*I like Illinois because of what Coach Weber has done with guards, he's proved to a lot of people he can coach and he's good with his players. I like their style and going to the Big Ten will not be an issue for me.

* No way will I decide real soon, I have the signing period and then a little extra, I will probably use all of it just to make sure this time.

*Being comfortable with players also plays a big part, usually on visits you can tell how close the players are and how close they are with the coaches.

*Ty Abbott is a member of the class of 2007 and it was reported here at Scout.com by (Greg Hicks) last week that Abbott's GPA is around the (2.9-3.0) area.

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