Wing Forward Compares to Others

The Classes of 2008, 2009, and 2010 in the State of Illinois are loaded and many college coaches know that. One would think all the "best" players are playing for certain AAU teams. Not true. Read here for a story on a player that schools are starting to notice.

Brandon Pullman is a 6-6 wing forward from Rock Island, Illinois and is coached by Thom Sigel. Pullman plays his AAU basketball for the Quad City Select - a team that is in its first year of existence. I've had the luxury of seeing a few of the state's best players in the class of ‘08 and ‘09 and Pullman is as gifted as any.

Because of the location, a lot of players in the Quad City area oftentimes get overlooked. Most noticeably there haven't been many players come through over the last few years, but that's all about to change. Last summer I spent a great deal of time with Peoria's DJ Richardson, who's an Illini target himself. Pullman is a taller version of Richardson with a load of talent and very similar games indeed. "I just want to go out and play and show people that I can play and I can compete with some of the better players in the state. We're in our first year with this team, but my coaches tell me I have what it takes. I just need to bring it each time out," said Pullman.

"I know DJ he's pretty good, last year we had a dunk contest in Peoria he beat me but I did get in some pretty good dunks against him, Pullman said.

There's the old saying that some kids have the total package, but some may be missing one thing or two. Pullman can run, jump, shoot, defend and is every bit as athletic as others in his class. Getting him to play hard 100% of the time is what he needs to work on to make himself one of the state's elite players. "I just need to work and get stronger. I know I can play at the major DI level. Last week Bradley came to see me work out, but I think my coach is hearing from some other schools now, my AAU coach told me Iowa State called and said they were coming to see me play in a tournament real soon. This summer is very important for me. I like Illinois a lot and I know if I work harder I can play at that level. It's just about getting stronger and showing people I can play. The problem for me is a lot of the players in my class have been seen in some of the bigger exposure camps and I haven't, but this summer I'm going to show them I can play. Basketball in this area was kind of down last year, but the young talent is really good. We'll be back," stressed Pullman.

According to Sigel Pullman definitely has to package to do whatever he would like, but told Brandon this is just the beginning for him.

Pullman's first crack at showcasing his skills will be May 11-13th in Deerfield, Illinois. That will be the time that coaches will get their first look at this 6-6 athletic wing-forward.

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