Sterling Warriors Guard Joseph Bertrand

If you've never heard of Joseph Bertrand of Sterling, Illinois, then you don't follow Illinois recruiting very well. Bertrand is off to a great start to his summer after having a stellar high school season; now he's playing with the Illinois Wolves. Read here for more on Bertrand.

Joseph Bertrand is a 6-4 point/shooting guard that has many top notch DI coaches drooling over him. This past winter during the State Farm Bloomington Holiday Classic I got to see Bertrand play with Illinois Head Coach Bruce Weber in attendance. Some compare his play to a lot of players, but when I saw him the first thing that came to my mind was, "This is a younger version of Luther Head." Bertrand can create his own offense, shoot, and defend. Like many young players he may not know how good he really is at this point, but that all comes with age.

This past weekend Bertrand participated in the King James AAU even in Akron, Ohio. "I thought I did pretty good. It's always great to be able to play against some of the best players in the country," said Bertrand.

According to Bertrand's high school coach Peter Goff, his star guard is really attracting a lot of major DI school for his services. "I've known Coach Weber for many years. He's an honest guy; we like that about him. Players will know where they stand when he recruits a player. That's how it should be. Sometimes coaches may recruit over a player or just not look at the long-term things with kids and he does that. We're going to be down in Champaign for a team shoot-out June 3rd. I believe we will go back down there again this winter to play. I know how much Illinois likes Joseph. They've been on him since his 8th grade year. It's just a good staff - all those guys - Weber, McClain, Webster and Price," said Goff.

Bottom line folks - this star guard will play major DI basketball. These schools have shown some major interest in him: SIU, Illinois, Purdue, Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan State. "Coach Weber has been here and last year in the fall Tom Izzo from Michigan State came to see him. So they know about him," Goff stated.

Just how does Joseph feel about college and Illinois? "I really don't have a favorite school at this point. I do like Illinois but I don't have a list that I can say this school leads over the other," Bertrand said.

Bertrand is a member of the Class of 2009; it's a deep class along with 2008 and 2010. Weber has made good ties with Bertrand and the coaching staff at Sterling High School. The basketball talent is what most will look at with this young man, but after speaking with him, he's very intelligent, well spoken, and a true gentleman. I guess that's why Weber has been on the kid since his 8th grade year.

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