Rodney "Flight" Alexander Takes Off

On April 17th - the day Michigan native Rodney Alexander committed to Illinois - Head Coach Bruce Weber's recruiting class went from being a decent class to a pretty good recruiting class in most eyes. Alexander has finished his classes. Read here for what's next for him.

Illini fans just call him Rodney, but the people who really know him call him "Flight". Why? "I guess because I can jump really high. It's a cool nickname. I like it," said Alexander. Adding a four-star recruit like Rodney to this team, along with highlight reel senior Brian Randle, could provide the Big 10 with the most athletic wings in college basketball. The key will be if Randle can stay healthy and finally play up to his potential and Rodney has a breakout junior season.

So what's new with the Illini's latest recruit, you ask? "I just graduated from junior college last Friday. I'm glad; now I can concentrate on my new team and teammates. I have to start summer school. Orientation is June 1st but classes actually start June 19th. During that time I'll be playing ball with the guys and working out. I'm at home here in Michigan for the time being, but I go to the YMCA to keep in shape until I can get to Champaign," said Alexander.

Things are really looking up for Rodney. He's very excited about being an Illini. "I talk to the coaches everyday. They're great - all of them. I get along with the entire staff down there. I got my room assignments. For the summer I'll be staying with Chester, but when school actually starts I'll be with Jeff Jordan. A lot of people think it's cool and it is because of who his father is. But to me, he's just like one of the guys. I just talked to him last week. He's really down to earth and I bet a lot of people wouldn't think he's like that, but he is," Alexander said.

Rodney is very well spoken and extremely polite, but I can assure you when he takes the court he will transform from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde. His former high school coach, Ramsey Nichols, says he's a fierce competitor. "Nothing has changed with me. My goals are still the same. I'm going down there to respect my teammates, but I'm going down there to see what I can do. You know what I mean?" stated Alexander. plans to keep you updated with the performances and workouts of all the players this summer.

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