Edwards - "I would love to play for Illinois

Think what you will, but Illinois head Coach Bruce Weber doesn't sleep much these days; nor does his staff. Why? Because there's a lot of recruiting to be done and the key is to never let up. You lose one, then you work hard on the next one. Read here for the latest on Ritchie Edwards.

Ritchie Edwards hales from Lakeland (FL) and is a 6-5 shooting guard from the Class of 2009. According to sources, Edwards is a sleeper with a great basketball mind and a great student of the game. One scout told us that Edwards would thrive in Weber's motion offense.

"I don't have any favorites yet. I'm going to wait a little longer and make the best decision for me. Illinois is recruiting me; they call me once a month like they're allowed to and send me a lot of things in the mail," said Edwards.

It appears that Coach Jay Price is doing the work for Edwards' services. "I talk to Coach Price most of the time but I have talked with Coach Weber before, too. I haven't been up there to visit but I hope to next year sometime. I don't know much about Champaign, but it's really close to Chicago. It's in the Midwest and a very good Big Ten school. Illinois has a great tradition and I would like to play for Illinois," Edwards added.

"I don't have a leader but I like these schools: Illinois, Baylor, Iowa, Florida, Florida State and Miami-FL. I'm not going to make a decision so early like I said, because I'm from New Zealand and I'm still trying to get my transfer papers here so things will be in order for me to attend college. But in the classroom I will be qualified," said Edwards.

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