L.A. Pomlee Making Plans to Visit

L.A. Pomlee spent his entire season last year with a blood clot and watched his Davenport (IA) Central Blue Devils from the stands. Now after a summer of hoops Pomlee wants to see who's really serious about his college future. Read here for more on Pomlee and his interest with the Illini.

The University of Illinois is trying to tap into unfamiliar territory and take one of Iowa's finest basketball players in the Class of 2008. Historically, it's been a given that any Iowa star basketball player will end up playing for the Hawkeyes or the Iowa State Cyclones. Pomlee lists one of the two. "I want to play for either Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa State, Indiana, Bradley or West Virginia. None of them have offered me yet, but I think the all want to see me play because I wasn't able to last year," Pomlee said.

So where does the Illini rank with Pomlee? "I've talked with Coach Bruce Weber. Before it was the other Assistant Coach, Tracy Webster, but I like Weber. He's down to earth and seems like a great guy and very easy to talk with. If I'm going to play for a coach I want it to be someone I can talk to and who's good at what he does too. It also helps that he puts guys in the NBA so he knows what he's doing with his players," Pomlee added.

Having to sit out, Pomlee stated he's picked up 15-20 extra pounds that he's currently trying to shave off. "In college I want to be able to expand my perimeter game, defend the smaller guard and be more explosive on the offensive end on the wing. I've been working very hard on that part of my game this fall." This past Sunday we saw Pomlee play in a fall basketball league and from that game it looks like he hasn't missed a beat. He was blocking shots, dunking, rebounding and playing tough defense.

L.A. stands 6-7 and is listed here at Scout.com as a three-star recruit and the nation's 34th best power forward in his class. Pomlee's stock, I'm sure, would be a lot higher had it not been for his season-ending injury.

"I want to get things in order so I can set up some visits. I want to take one to Illinois, but it's just finding the right time for all this to work out. I will talk to Coach Weber and let him know that I want to come down there. He would be a great guy to play for," Pomlee said.

Recent reports indicate that the Cyclones may lead for his services, but at this time Pomlee states he has no leader.

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