Ritchie Edwards Narrows List to Five

Ritchie Edwards, a 6-5 athletic shooting guard, has put together a list of schools for his college services. Now that two of the five schools have offered, Edwards feels that it's just a matter of time for the others to follow their lead.

Ritchie Edwards is currently in Lakeland (FL) but is originally from New Zealand, which makes him work hard to get all the right classes to become a full qualifier. "Right now I have a 3.0 or 2.9, but I just need to make sure everything will be fine with all my core courses. I don't want to commit to a school, then start and find out they tell me I can't play, so we're really working to make sure of that," Edwards said.

The new assistant coach Jerrance Howard is really trying to shore-up ties with recruiting from all previous contacts, but Howard is still making up ground. "I know they have a new assistant coach at Illinois. I haven't talked to him yet personally. I think my dad talked with the coaches from Illinois a lot recently, but I think my dad called them."

So what schools now have a chance with Edwards? "Well, I now have a top five and I'll choose from one of these schools: Florida State, Illinois, Miami, Clemson and Iowa. The only two from my list that have offered are Iowa and Miami. I really think Illinois will too, along with the others here in the near future," said Edwards

Edwards knows what he wants when he goes to college and that's a fair chance. "I just want to play right away or be given the chance to show what I can do. I want to play for a good coach and a winning program. That's why I like Illinois; I really like them. I really started to watch them the season they went to the championship game against North Carolina. They were awesome that year and besides, I really like Coach Weber. He does a great job with his teams."

During a previous interview with Edwards he stated that assistant coach Jay Price did most of the recruiting for him, so last night I asked him about Price. "He was the first coach to show interest in me, but at Illinois all their coaches get involved with recruiting players and I like that because when you go to school, you will have a lot of contact with all of them," added Edwards.

It's not clear if or when the Illini will offer Edwards, but he's someone that's definitely on their radar and the feeling is mutual from the Edwards family.

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