D.J. is Relieved and Smiling Again

D.J. Richardson took an unofficial visit last weekend and he knew then it was time for him to be an Illini. Read here for more on how this all panned out.

We spoke with D.J. Richardson, Sr. this morning about his son's decision on attending the University of Illinois. "Man, Kedric, last weekend he went down there and spent a lot of time with his cousin Jamar Smith. D.J. really fell in love with everything. I could see it on his face when he got in the car. He just looked relieved, you know?" said Richardson.

"My son was under a lot of stress and he said, ‘Why go someplace else when I know everyone down there?' He knows Coach McClain, Howard and the other players down there. I mean why go to a place like Tennessee and then try to meet new people and fit in with them when he doesn't know them," added Richardson.

"I really didn't know D.J. was under so much pressure. All these coaches calling him sending him letters all the time - he just got tired of it. You should really see his face today. He's smiling again and that makes me happy as a parent."

D.J., Jr. is in class right now, but after school will be another media event for this young man. This time it will be all about one school and what his plans will be from here on out. This was a very big catch for Coach Weber according to other coaches across the state today. They see what's going on down there and want to be apart of it. This weekend will be big for Illinois and company. Stay tuned in case more surprises arise.

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