Chris Harper Knows What He's Looking For

Chris Harper has a nice list of school to choose from and the Illini make his final four. Read here at as Harper talks recruiting with us.

Chris Harper is a wanted man, and he knows it! He's a 6-2 running back that hales from Wichita, Kansas, blessed with 4.4 speed. He is listed here at as a four-star recruit and the nation's 31st best RB in the country.

"It's really weird that you're calling me because Coach Beathard is coming to see me and my coach tonight at school. They're doing a really good job recruiting me, I've been down to Illinois twice. They're doing some good things down there with rebuilding and all the upgrades to the football program. I like that a lot," said Harper. "They have really good coaches and they're on the rise in college football."

"The list of schools I will choose from will be Missouri, Illinois, Oregon, and Notre Dame. I mean, it's really all going to come down to which coach and players I like the most. I've made my list of schools so that part is over with. I just want to see how things play out with each school," said Harper.

Some athletes are afraid to make a jump to a school that traditionally hasn't done so well, like a Missouri or an Illinois. "I like that, from a recruiting standpoint, it's good because that means if I wanted to be a part of what their doing, I could. And it also means they have a lot of young players, so playing time would be available to me. I'm looking at all those things too," he added.

Harper expects to make his decision sometime in December, so until that point, the coaches at each of the schools on his list are going to try to make a last, good impression to sell their school, because they have already made the "cut" for his services.

After Harper's visit with Illinois' assistant coach, Harper said he plans to let us know here at how it all worked out.

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