Chris Colvin Update

Chris Colvin is another guard that Illinois' head Coach Bruce Weber has his eye on. We caught up with the recruit's father, Ike Colvin Sr.. who brought us up to date on his son's recruitment and what he thinks of his son and the other recent Illini commitments.

With three in-state guards already verbally committed to the Illini from the Class of 2009, one might think Bruce Weber would start looking at other positions when it comes to filling out this class. It appears that is not the case, as Chris Colvin continues to be pursued by the Fighting Illini head man. Colvin is a 6-3 175 pound PG/SG that hales from Chicago's Whitney Young High School. He is a player that Weber would like to add to his already stellar class of 2009. "Chris has been to Illinois and liked his visit. Coach Weber offered him a scholarship a long time ago. Right now, Chris doesn't have a list of schools, though he gets tons of letters everyday from places like USC, Drake and Georgia Tech," said Colvin Sr.

The class of 2009 already has guards Brandon Paul, D.J. Richardson, and Joseph Bertrand on board. "I think if you put a backcourt together with Chris and D.J., people wouldn't know what to do with them. That would be one heck of a guard combination," Colvin Sr. said. And if anybody knows how to combine the talents of multiple guards in the same lineup, Weber does. As the Sterling High School basketball coach tells it, "Coach Weber turns high school basketball players into All Americans while some college coaches turns All Americans into All Staters."

Mr. Colvin handles all the recruiting for his son, "Chris is a humble kid that wants to get an education and play basketball. Bruce Weber has a hell of a system down there. When we visited there I was very intrigued by his program and how he handles the tutoring part of things before and after practice. I liked that, but it's early. We're going to take our time and see how things play out," stated Mr. Colvin.

Whitney Young will not be participating in any Thanksgiving day tournaments. Instead, they open play December 2nd against Hales Francisan at Chicago State University. Keep it tuned to for all the latest information about Colvin and all the other Illini targets.

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