Juice Williams on the Rose Bowl

Illinois' star signal-caller comments on his team's selection to play in Pasadena on January 1st.

The Rose Bowl excitement may last quite some time for Juice, "I don't think I'll throw this rose away for a couple weeks."

On taking on a vaunted USC team: "Just like when we played OSU, we know it's a big challenge."

However, Juice knows USC will have their own hands full. "When you open up our passing game, it's a tough offense. I just have to go out there and execute the offense."

"I felt my performance was better when we played Michigan. I completed a lot of passes on ABC [primetime], that game really started to help my confidence, it got even better against Ball State, Minnesota, and Ohio State. We just need to keep the confidence."

"I think Rashard and Regis will handle the excitement, we know we're out there to win the game and not just show up."

"All the games we have prepared for will help us going into the Rose Bowl. We have faced the best defense in the country in Ohio State, we'll be prepared. We saw it at OSU, with a sea of red. We'll be ready!"

"The Rose Bowl is the ‘Granddaddy of Them All.' Coach Zook did a great job with everything, I'm happy for him and our team. People kept saying he could only recruit, but now he's proven to people he can coach too."

While the Rose Bowl is a nice reward for a successful season, Juice could not help but look forward to even better things to come. "Now that we know we can perform [at this level] all this should lead over into next year and try to get better each year."

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