Jarred Fayson on What Illini Fans Will See

Jarred Fayson just made the Fighting Illini football program a lot stronger with his commitment to play for them. Last night we spoke with Fayson. Read here for what this confident receiver had to say about the change.

Jarred Fayson is a receiver from Hillsborough High School (FL) and will transfer from the Florida Gators to the Fighting Illini. "I just had that feeling - you know. It's hard to explain, but I knew where I wanted to be. It's the second time going through the recruiting process, so I know what coaches will ask me and I knew what questions I wanted to ask them. Coach Ron Zook and Offensive Coordinator Mike Locksley did all the recruiting," said Fayson. This 4.4, 6'0" speed burner added, "Zook and Locksley were recruiting me since I was a sophomore in high school, so I do know them."

"I don't have anything bad to say about Florida. It was a mutual agreement for me to make this move. I'm just glad I made the change. I loved my visit; the people up there were great. The fans get into their football and walking around the school people were nice to me. They showed me a lot of love. That's all I know - they are very loyal," added Fayson.

Why are all these recruits attracted to Illinois? Reason one: the chance to win, two: the coaching staff, and three: the style of play and playing in the Big Ten. "I love the system they're in and I'll fit in nice. Actually, when I get on the field in 2009, the fans will see a player who can catch, make big plays and definitely put points on that scoreboard," Fayson added.

Fayson picked the Illini over West Virginia, Clemson and South Florida.

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