Brandon Paul: Getting Better All The Time

Brandon Paul's game has skyrocketed this season and tonight his Warren Township team takes on Zion-Benton High School. We spoke with Warren Township coach, Chuck Ramsey, about his star guard and Illini commit, Brandon Paul. Get inside for the full scoop.

Chuck Ramsey is Brandon Paul's high school coach, and tonight Paul takes the court again in search of another victory. "Brandon is a special player, right now he's averaging about 19.0 ppg and he's the focus of a lot of team's defense. The next closet person to averaging double-figures is a guy with 7.0 ppg," said Ramsey.

Recently we spoke with Paul and he stated then that teams were playing him a little tougher after his commitment to the Illini, and he's adjusting to it. "Teams play him tough and he does see some box-and-one. But he's a great teammate, when teams do that he will set screens for his teammates to open the floor for them. He's really improved on all aspects of his game, his defense has gotten a lot better and his technique looks better. On the offensive end, he's doing all the things we ask him to do. He's getting to the line a lot more this season, where's he's shooting 73% on the season," Ramsey said.

Sometimes when high school players know they're good, they tend to turn it on and off when they feel like it. Paul is nothing like that. "He plays hard, he deals with all the media attention pretty good. I believe to be a great player you have to be confident and have some kind of arrogance to your game, and Brandon competes and competes hard," he added.

During the recruiting process, Ramsey knew was what going on because the family kept him informed, "The family did most of it, they're very sharp people, and knew what they were doing. They have a son at Illinois already."

We'll keep you posted on Paul's progress throughout the season. Tomorrow we plan to have an update on another 2009 Illini commitment, D.J. Richardson. Stay tuned.

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