Coach Pays Visit to Stan Simpson

Stan Simpson has raised his game to another level the past two months of his high school career. We caught up with Simpson to find out where the extra motivation came from. Read more here at

Right now, 6'9" center Stan Simpson, a 220-pound forward/center from Chicago Simeon, is the only recruit coming from the Class of 2008. That doesn't bother Simpson one bit because as he describe it, "The cupboard will not be bare" down in Champaign.

Tuesday night (against Chicago Hirsch) was a great night for Simpson. He recorded 24 points, 16 rebounds and 4 block shots. "I've worked very hard on my game recently, especially on the offensive end of the floor. My numbers have gone up and that's because I'm working a lot harder at things. I really want to get to state this year," said Simpson.

Simpson, like all Illinois recruits, knows his future college team is struggling this year. Each recruit has their on take on the issue. "They're having a tough year, but I'm not really concerned with that really. I'm really excited about next year. We get Jamar Smith back; he can play and that's going to help us a lot. Then we'll have the new kid, Alex. Demetri is having a great freshman season. He will only get better over the summer and we'll have Tisdale back. We're going to be good next year - a lot different team," stated Simpson.

Yesterday Simpson had a visitor come by to see him at school. It was Illinois assistant coach Jay Price. "He came by to chat with me and catch up on a few things. It's been awhile since we've talked, but I liked what he had to say to me. He told me my role at Illinois has now changed since Brian Carlwell transferred. I will definitely have a shot at a starting spot if it works out that way, and they're really impressed with my play this year."

When Simpson talked about his future teammates, he was extremely impressed with McCamey's play. "I know how hard he works at his game. Other people may not, but I do. He loves basketball and because of his work, he's playing well."

As stated earlier, Simpson is the only member of this class to date, but sources tell us that when Illinois assistant coach Jerrance Howard went see JUCO power forward Dominique Keller of Port Arthur (TX) Lee CC, it went very well. Keller is fully aware of the talent coming to Illinois.

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