Dominique Keller Working Hard

Incoming Illini big man, Dominique Keller, gives a brief update on what's he's been doing to keep in basketball shape and how school has been going.

Dominique Keller is a 6'7" junior college forward from Texas who knows he might be the missing piece to a great group of players coming back to play basketball next year in Champaign. But according to Keller, he has some work to do in the classroom before he arrives. "So far, things are going as planned, but I have a math class and a science class that I have to pass before I get there. I'm really working on that. I will have it done here at school and not up there. I'll make it, I'm not worried about it," said Keller.

Grades are the most important thing right now for Keller, for sure, but from a basketball standpoint, he's also still working hard to improve his game. "I've been playing everyday, working on my left hand, lifting weights and a lot of conditioning and some mid-range shooting drills," Keller stated.

Keller is very excited about his future teammates, so much so that he's had contact with at least one player or coach everyday. "I talk to Jamar, Demetri, Alex, Calvin, and Jeff three times a week. If I don't call them, they'll call me or text me to check in on me, and Coach Weber or Howard call every other day," said Keller.

"I want the Illinois fans to know I can't wait to get out there and get this thing started, and keep that rivalry going with Indiana. I liked that, it's good for basketball, I can't wait to play," Keller stated.

So who does Dominique think will win the national championship game tonight? "Memphis, I've been telling people all year but no one would listen to me, they're deep, athletic, and they hit their free throws when it counts," he added.

Keller told us that he will keep us informed about school and when he plans to arrive on campus. Again, he stated fans shouldn't worry, he's working hard to get the work done in the classroom.

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