Jamil Wilson: Confused But Hopeful

Anybody that knows anything about the high school basketball class of 2009 knows that Jamil Wilson is considered one of the best in the country, period. Amazingly, being from Wisconsin, this junior is very interested in Illinois. Read here for more.

OK, when was the last time Illinois took a player from Wisconsin's Bo Ryan. I'm not sure it's ever happened. Somehow, the Fighting Illini made a good impression on Wilson, but the key word is the past tense "made." Jamil Wilson is a 6'6" power forward and five-star recruit on Scout.com. He checks in as the nation's #9 over-all prospect from Horlick High School in Racine, Wisconsin.

Wilson said he doesn't have a top-three favorite list of schools, but Illinois is still on his mind. "I like Illinois. Early, they were recruiting me very hard, but then it kind of stopped. Now all I get is a couple letters from them each week. I'm not saying it's over with them because it's not, I like their team, and it's very close which is a big plus for me," said Wilson.

Wilson's numbers this past high school season were 20.3 points per game, 11.8 rebounds per game, and 2 blocked shots per contest. Wilson is just now starting to set up his official visits, "My dad takes care of all my offers and visits. I'm not sure Illinois has offered me as of yet, I would have to check with him. But three of my visits are already set, I have two more left. I would like to schedule one to Illinois if it works out that way," he added.

Sources close to the program states the interest level is still very high for Wilson and if things work out Wilson should be able to have his wish granted with one of his last two visits. Here at InsideIllini.com we'll keep you updated on Wilson's recruitment. Scout.com has prepared a video of Wilson, click here to view it.

Also on InisideIllin.com Hoops Fan Forum, the scholarship situation is there for your viewing.

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