Crandall Head "Mr. Athletic" Gives an Update

When Crandall Head committed to the University of Illinois, people knew him as Luther's "little" brother. Now that Crandall has made a name for himself, most recruiting gurus will tell you he's further along than Luther, now a Houston Rocket, was at the same age. We caught up with Head last night. get inside for more details.

Crandall Head is a 6'4" sophomore from Rich South High School who started the summer as a three-star recruit here at He now checks in as a four-star recruit and is certainly rising. Crandall is an amazing athlete, with a tremendous upside for a young man his age. The way he plays one would think he was already a senior. There's something special about his competitiveness and his will to win. "When I play the game, I expect to win. I play hard and I give it 100% each time out," said Head.

The key to Head's game is his ability to create shots at will, and the way he can go up and get the ball off the rim and finish in traffic. His jump shot is the one part of his game that will need some minor adjustments. I use "minor" because he's already effective with it, just not consistent enough yet. Having watched him play three times this summer I can tell he's been working on perfecting it.

The talk has already started about the best player in the state, a competition between Jereme Richmond and Head, but Crandall wants no part of it. "I don't pay attention to rankings, I just play hard, do what I can do, and let other people decide that stuff. I want to improve each time out," Head stated. Actually, Luther has been a big mentor to his younger brother, telling him he has to get better each day and each time out. He's also told him that when you take time off someone else will pass you by. Crandall lives by that, he said.

Head's been all over the county recently, showcasing his skills. This weekend he's going to Arizona. It's a long way to go, but Head feels it's important to get another chance to play, and improve. With a hectic schedule set for this summer, we asked him if he would like to get back to Champaign to play with his future teammates. "I haven't been down there in awhile, I've been playing a lot of AAU basketball. Once I'm able to get a free weekend, I'm going to get back down there. I do talk to Coach Howard when I can, but I text Jereme and D.J.[Richardson] all the time, we're all pretty close," he said.

Head joins a great group of young and talented players in the recruiting class of 2009 and 2010. Most recruiting networks and gurus will tell you the class of 2010 may be one of the best in many, many years. With Jereme Richmond, already a top-five recruit nationally, and Head, on his way to a top-10 ranking, Illinois basketball should be where Bruce Weber and fans want it to be, and that's back in the nation's upper echelon.

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