D.J. Richardson: Getting Better Every Week

D.J. Richardson has done very well this spring's AAU season. His attitude, effort and willingness to improve will only help him and his career when he arrives in Champaign. Read here for a summary of Richardson's game and his latest discussions with his future teammate.

D.J. Richardson is a 6'3" 175 pound combo guard from Peoria High School in Illinois. It is clear, he has done very well this spring. Richardson just got home from the Howard Pulley basketball tournament in Minneapolis Minnesota and was able to provide InsideIllini.com with his thoughts, "I think I played pretty well this weekend, I'm a little tired but I did good. We won the whole thing. I had some monster dunks and a lot of three point plays. At the end of one game, I had a four-point play to put us ahead. This spring, my goal was to become a more complete player, and I've seen improvements in that area," said Richardson.

With such a busy schedule it's been difficult for all the current Illinois commits to drive down to Champaign to play in any pick-up games. The same is true for Richardson. "It's been a while since I've been down there to play with the fellas, but hopefully after things slow down [with AAU] I'll be able to do that. I'm off this weekend but Memorial Day weekend I'll be in Tennessee playing again," Richardson stated. But like all the recruits, Illinois' head Coach Bruce Weber and his assistants stay in contact with the recruits. "Coach Howard talks to me a lot, just to see how things are going, but with him it's not always basketball it's life sometimes, too."

Last week here at InsideIllini.com we told you that 2010 Illinois recruit Crandall Head talks a lot with Jereme Richmond and D.J. Richardson. We found out from Richardson that he's pretty positive on all of his teammates joining him at Illinois. "We still talk, all of us when we can. I just talked to Jereme at the King James tournament and he told me that he was very solid on his commitment and he would be at Illinois with us. One of the reasons we all committed to Illinois was because of the school and coaches but the other reason was because of the players coming down there, so if he told me he's going to honor his commitment, then that's what that means to me," Richardson said.

During this recent stretch run of basketball events, Richardson has been able to showcase his skills more and more. One of the things he's perfected is the ability to take people off the dribble, pull up and hit the mid-range shot. Within Weber's motion offense, that's a very important skill to have, which is why he works on that part of his game.

InsideIllini.com will keep close tabs on Richardson for the remainder of the summer, so stay tuned.

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