Media Blitz Juice Williams Media Day

QB Juice Williams is full of smiles these days, that's because he's a junior and understands what is expected of him. Also being a leader on and off the field will be key for Williams this season. Read here for more on Williams.

What happened last year when you were hurt and how tough it was to watch?

"It's tough to watch your team lose when you thought you could help your team win. Eddie did a great job leading the team back. It was a learning experience."

Sliding, safe or not?

"No, coaches have been on me to avoid that so now I'm finishing runs and it's paid off."

This week's game:

"How can you not get excited about college football? It's good for Illini Nation. We've prepared to get better and show the world what we can do. I've worked hard to improve my passing. I did some individual training with wide receivers. I'm way more confident now."

On last year and OSU:

"It showed what kind of team we were; it's something we'll never forget."

Time with Donovan McNabb:

"I was able to go work out with him for a week. He told me to play with confidence. You can't live or die by it, just enjoy it, when I'm smiling I'm having success."

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