Junior QB Juice Williams Meets the Media

After one game, it's very premature to say Juice Williams is the best QB in the Big Ten, but he defiantly showed his critics he's worked on his passing game. Against Missouri Williams finished with a pair of career-high marks. Although the Illini came up short by the score of 52-42, Williams threw for 456 yards and five touchdowns. Read here for more on Williams as he meets the press.

Early on in the game it seemed like a lot of balls got away…was it jitters?

"It was the first game of the season so you're always going to have jitters; and it's hard to prepare because the defense can do so many things. Missouri had a few different looks that we hadn't seen on film. But in the second half we were able to see what they were doing and tried to capitalize on it."

What was done in the second half to allow you to have so much success?

"We took what the defense gave us. They came out and played some man. We have some fast receivers on the outside and they tried to change on a cover-two shift and we capitalized on that."

What happened on the play that was an interception when there was a chance to cut the lead to three?

"It was a misread on my part. I worked the wrong side on that. It's something I need to learn from and something I can't get caught up in the emotion of it."

Were you forcing the ball too much?

"I tried not to do that. That's what I did a lot of my freshman and sophomore year. I just have to take what the defense gave me. There were plays out there to be made so we did that."

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