Co-Defensive Coordinator Dan Disch

Life can be tough for a defensive coordinator trying to prepare for Missouri. Read here for Dan Disch's take on the game.

The tacking was obviously a concern.

"We just didn't tackle real well. We would have a chance to make stops and we would get a penalty or we would miss a tackle or just be out of position. We have to grow up quick or we're going to have some problems."

What was the thought regarding the defensive line using four players up front?

"We were trying to get our fastest guys in there. However that probably hurt us a little bit in the running game. As well as they throw the ball you have to start by stopping the run and we didn't do a good job against the run. I was really, really disappointed in that. We'll go back look at the film and go from there."

What about Josh Brent's time on the field?

"He didn't get a lot of time on the field, but he will. It was more of a matchup thing. We wanted fast guys in there a little bit to see if we could chase him (Chase Daniel). We just didn't do a good job of rushing him."

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